Letters Make A Difference

Galina Raises Her Grandkids Helped by Miracles, and Letters from Their Sponsors

“Yes, of course we know our sponsors,” Galina says. “They are the Evans family in San Diego and the Murrows in California.  Sasha, show them your letters.  He keeps all of them.”

Galina continues.  “A sponsor asked for prayer because her mother died.  I took the letter to church and now this prayer need is on the church prayer list.  We realized that we need each other and we can pray for each other.  Not just me and the kids, but our church prays as well.

“These letters are so important.  They widen our horizon and dreams.  Sasha said that now he wants to be a lawyer.  His life has drastically changed during his sponsorship and his heart is open to all the God desires for him,” Galina said.

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Galina Shares Her Story     

“My daughter got married and had two children, Nastia and Alex (AKA, Sasha (pictured right).  We all lived together in my apartment.  About nine years, ago I left to Odessa for a couple of days.  When I came home I asked the kids, ‘Where are your parents?’  The kids were home alone.  Nastia was 8 and Alex was 6.

“I was scared and confused.  I called all the friends I knew, asking if anybody had seen my daughter and son-in-law.  I called his employer.  I called on his parents but nobody would talk to me.  Weeks and months went by.  I gradually understood that they just left the kids with me.  One day, I met a friend of the father on the street.  I asked him, ‘Where did they go?  Are they ever coming back?’  He said, ‘Go to the court and apply for guardianship.  They are not coming back.’

“So, I started the process to become guardian to Nastia and Alex.  Different committees must analyze your situation.  They interviewed my neighbors and came to the apartment to do surprise inspections.  They investigated me as well.

“Around this time, I met Irina Sokolovskaya at church.  She is my MP coordinator.  We normally did not know each other, but one day she simply asked me how I was doing.  I unexpectedly broke down crying; I could not stop.  The pressure had built up so much and I had no one to share with.  Nobody knew our situation.  I felt so alone.

“Irina told me that her organization called Mercy Projects could probably help me.  She asked me if we had enough to eat and how the kids were doing in school.  I couldn’t believe it.  Nobody had ever asked how I was doing and what was happening in my life.

“The next day was a Monday and Nastia came home with an invitation to a new church across the street from our apartment.  I felt like it was a miracle.  God was taking care of us.  At the same time Irina visited and said that Mercy Projects accepted us.  All these miracles happened at the same time!

“I eventually found my daughter’s husband.  He was remarried and wanted nothing to do with the children.  I found my daughter but she was not capable of caring for the children.  She was an alcoholic and had a baby, Anya, from another man.  She then stopped drinking and was doing better.  For two years she raised Anya, but unfortunately she started drinking again.

“Little Anya now lives with her father but I monitor it very closely.  I take her on weekends and other days when she needs me.  Anya rarely sees her mom and things are not good.  I try to give Anya a normal life and I bring her to church.  Her father is a former prisoner and a heavy drinker.  Anya’s childhood has been stolen from her.  I pray for my daughter continually but we need a miracle.”

Galina is deeply saddened by the entire situation and asks for our prayers.  Before we say goodbye, she gives us some freshly baked rolls.  “I made them this morning!” she says.  “You must be hungry. Take them with you!”

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Sponsors pray and support.  MP coordinator Irina regularly counsels and assists Galina. The kids receive groceries, camp visits, medical help, and Christmas presents. They are not sent to an orphanage. Galina is encouraged.  The future is bright.