You Are A Huge Gift From God

This past summer support from Mercy Projects helped a large group of kids with handicaps and their p... Continue

September 2021

Miracles at Sea “At our morning meetings, even our unbelieving moms prayed for God to bless our Me... Continue

January 2021

Miracles at the Hearts of Love Center From Jeff – Our ministry to at-risk children in Ukraine ... Continue

The Kids Are Thankful

A trip to the Black Sea is pretty special. Especially if it is your first time to the ocean. For &he... Continue

Video: Mothers Grateful for Odessa Trip

UKRAINE: Recently, the families from the “Hearts of Love” Special Needs Center (Konotop,... Continue

Video: Trip to the Sea

UKRAINE: “Hearts of Love Center” staff recently had the privilege of taking their kids w... Continue

Hearts of Love Lockdown

Learning in Lockdown For several years now the Hearts of Love Centre in Konotop, Ukraine has been a ... Continue

Video: Christmas at Hearts of Love

This special needs resource center is located in Konotop, Ukraine. The appropriately named “He... Continue

Video: Valeria Finds Hope At Hearts of Love Center

Valeria was born healthy but by kindergarten, she had extreme anxiety. She was an active child but w... Continue

Video: Sasha’s Story

Sasha’s mother brought him to the “Hearts of Love” Center in Konotop, Ukraine wher... Continue

Dreams Fulfilled

A trip to Kyiv this summer fulfilled a dream that began in 1984. It birthed a new dream to help &hel... Continue

The Center is a Blessing

By Peter Wooding I have been blessed to return to the Hearts of Love Center at Konotop, Ukraine many... Continue