Christmas: Firewood for Widows

In Kosovo, families heat their homes with firewood. The many widows and orphans there are so appreciative of this practical support.  Each winter, the local church cuts and delivers enough firewood for three months to each of the families in the MP program.  They pray with the families and provide a tangible way of showing God’s love to poor families in this Muslim country.

This annual Christmas firewood project is meant to provide heat for needy families and to minister the love of Jesus.  A gift of $55 provides one month of firewood. A gift of $165 provides three months of heating their homes this winter.

Thank you for remembering the poor in Kosovo this Christmas.  Many of these families are fatherless or have a parent or child with a disability. With your help, the MP Christmas Fund will meet their basic needs!

1 month = $55   3 months = $165  Thank you for your generous help!

Donate for Christmas

Your support of the MP Christmas Fund provides things like school supplies, firewood for the poor, a new water well for the 25 orphans at the Snowdrop Shelter in Ukraine, and support for the Winter Christmas discipleship camp.