Eastern Ukraine Conflict

How did this conflict start? Why is Russia funding the separatists?


Background of the Conflict

The separatist-controlled area of eastern Ukraine is quite small when contrasted with the rest of the country. Though it is a small geographic area (see map), they have divided into two separate self-proclaimed “people’s republics.” For some reason, the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) did not get along with the Donetsk People’s Republic. (DPR) Geographically they both border Russia, they both declare an allegiance to Russia, Russian is the primary language spoken, and they both desire separation from Ukraine. Finally in May 2014 the two self-proclaimed republics agreed to a merger but with separate local leadership.

Along with the Crimea People’s Republic, the Ukrainian government describes these break-away regions as the “temporarily occupied territories.” Without the military assistance of Russia, these territories would not be “occupied” today. Thus, Ukraine considers the country of Russia and the government of Vladimir Putin an aggressor nation.

Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

Ukrainian prisoners pose with us and the American flag
Ukrainian prisoners pose with us and the American flag

The conflict has resulted in over one million refugees and IDPs. A majority of the refugees have fled into safer regions of Ukraine seeking shelter and aid. Churches throughout Ukraine are on the front lines providing assistance to these refugees and IDPs.

Mercy Projects assists needy families in the war zone working together with local missionaries. Sergei Kazmenko from Donetsk works with MP and lives in this area. He preaches in prisons, visits the troops as a chaplain, and helps refugee families. He now lives with his wife and children here though his actual home is in the occupied city of Donetsk.

Food and Supplies For Families in Eastern Ukraine

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War Zone Stories
Ukraine war zone stories

Missions to the Eastern Ukraine War Zone

We conduct several mission trips a year to the war zone. We work with local churches to share the gospel with soldiers and bring aid to families suffering in this area.

It is a privilege to labor together for the Lord with our Ukrainian brothers. No sacrifice is to great for them as they tirelessly serve the Lord with little financial resources. Our prayer continues that God will use this conflict to open the hearts of the Ukrainian people.           DONATE