December 2018

Sharing and Showing the Love of God this Christmas

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Firewood to Heat their Homes

Many years ago, my wife and I huddled around a small stove to try to stay warm. Winter in Kosovo was new to us, and the widow we visited had lost her husband in the war. She and her children lived in one room. They broke branches off the tree outside to burn in the stove. More smoke than flame, we held our hands out and silently asked the Lord what to say. We felt so inadequate.

Just a week or so earlier, we had celebrated Christmas at home with our family. Many beautiful presents, endless laughter, and lots of food filled our holiday. Now however, bundled up in our winter coats, sitting on the cold floor with a widow in a sweatshirt, we thought about how the message of Jesus—“God with us”— would look to her. That day, Paula gave her own winter coat to her, we prayed together, and the seed of our Firewood for Widows project was planted. We knew that we must find a way to both share and show the tangible love of God.

Young People Know Authentic Love

Jesus was tangible. He wasn’t just a theory, an idea, or a philosophy. He was the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. John 1:14

Young people today long for the authentic love of God. In classrooms at the Hearts of Love Center, or in our winter Bible camp, the love of Jesus is seen, taught, and experienced. Your support both shares and shows the authentic love of God. A $100 gift supports one child to attend our Winter Bible Camp or to attend the Hearts of Love Center.

Clean Teeth for Christmas? ($25 or more)

For most of us, the last thing we want for Christmas is a trip to the dentist’s office. For a needy mother however, a trip to the dentist for her children is something she simply cannot afford. She worries about groceries, clothing, and proper medical care. And if you live in a Ukrainian village or small town, quality dental care is nonexistent.

Hundreds of at-risk Ukrainian children shall be receiving vouchers in the next few months to see a dentist in the MP Christmas Project. Mothers are so excited about this. They cannot believe that their children receive such love from sponsors who live across the ocean. This is going to be a very exciting Christmas, especially for the moms!

So, instead of blankets, sheets, Bibles, or backpacks, this year our focus is on education and health. These two areas have the greatest positive impact on this generation of at-risk kids. Not only do we show God’s love by caring for their teeth, but these are Christian dentists who love to share their faith.

Firewood for Widows ($250 per family)

With your help, 13 families in Kosovo will receive a 3-month supply of firewood, cut to size, to help them heat their homes this winter. Pastor Urim and his church will visit each family and share the love of Christ during this season.

Please pray for their team as they visit families and plant a church in this Muslim country. The believers are under much pressure from those in the community who watch them closely.

Merry Christmas from Mercy Projects

Thanks for sharing your love for at-risk kids this Christmas. We do not take it for granted as we know there are many worthy causes to
give to.

Our faithful staff in Ukraine, Kosovo, and California all share the same goal. We desire to see lives changed by the “God who is with us.” Thank you for making it all possible!

All Christmas giving is pooled together to accomplish as much as possible, as the Lord provides.

Donate for Christmas

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