Dairy Farm Update

Armenia Dairy Update

March 2021

We are still patiently waiting on the paperwork to be finalized for the purchase of the dairy farm.  This beautiful 18-acre farm is located in the Lori region of Armenia.  The owners had applied for a government grant to develop the farm and are now rescinding that agreement.  Due to the political turmoil there on account of losing the war with Azerbaijan, and because of Covid-19, the process is taking longer than we anticipated.

Thus, we trust that God is in control and we ask you to keep praying for this project. Thank you!

Feb 1, 2021

Mercy Projects director Jeff flew to Armenia in January to negotiate the purchase of the farm. It is a beautiful piece of property with 18 acres and a brand new building to house 42 dairy cows. The purchase process, however, in former communist countries is never easy. The farm was part of a government agricultural program and the owners must obtain permission to sell it.

We ask for your prayers as we trust the Lord in this process. Pray that the owners get their paperwork in proper order.

We are excited about this project but things are taking longer than we planned. We will keep you updated as we make progress. We hope to start buying cows sometime this spring!