Love Armenia

The small country of Armenia, a former member of the Soviet Union, has recently been at war with Azerbaijan.  The conflict ignited again on September 27th, instigated by Turkey’s military support, with drones and missile attacks on Armenian villages in Nagorno-Karabakh. Hundreds have died in the fighting over “Artsakh” which is the autonomous region of Nagorno-Karabakh inside Azerbaijan.

Today, Russian peacekeeping troops enforce a tense ceasefire. Young men who have attended MP summer camps have been wounded and are returning from the frontlines. Hundreds of soldiers have been killed and wounded.

Dairy Farm Project For Christmas

Most soldiers return home with no job, only to find other Karabakh refugees without jobs as well. As a result, our friends in Armenia have asked if we could help establish a dairy farm to provide milk and jobs.  We are excited about this project and hope to purchase 42 dairy cows and one year’s worth of feed to get them started. 

Your Christmas giving will be used to assist refugee families with food and clothing, support the poor, as well as help purchase dairy cows for our dairy farm project.  The dairy farm needs 42 cows to become operational. Thank you for considering this project!

Cows for the Dairy Farm = $1500

Approximately $25,000 is still needed for this project.

Thank you for your generous help. Funds for Love Armenia will be provided for the greatest need.

Donate for Christmas

Your support of the MP Christmas Fund provides things like Christmas presents, firewood for the poor, support for the Christmas discipleship ministry, and a dairy farm to provide jobs for needy families in Armenia.