Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas is a special time of year in Eastern Europe and a great time to share our faith in Christ.  The MP Christmas Fund is designed to bless needy families in a practical way that meets the needs they may have. As an example, in Kosovo, we provide firewood for poor families. In Ukraine, your support is providing school supplies for needy kids, clean drinking water for the orphans at the Snowdrop Shelter, and a Christmas Camp for the teens in our program. Our goal is to bless them at Christmas, help with their needs, and make disciples of Jesus Christ.  (Click left images to learn more.)

Donate for Christmas

School Supplies

This is a practical gift that children love. $20 provides one gift of supplies such as pens, coloring pencils, notebooks, and things needed for school. Families with many children receive multiple gifts.

(400 gifts are needed = $8000)




Christmas Camp: Making Disciples

The week-long winter camp is where we make disciples of Jesus. It takes place during the Ukrainian Christmas holiday on Jan 7th. A gift of $125 sends one teen to camp for the entire 7 days.

A gift of $7500 provides the entire camp for 60 teens.




Firewood for Poor Families

The firewood project is meant to provide heat for poor families in Kosovo. Most families heat one room in winter with a wood-burning stove and the kids huddle together for warmth.  With your help, a gift of $55 provides one month of firewood.

$165 provides three months or most of the winter.




Clean Drinking Water For Orphans 

The orphans at the Snowdrop Shelter in Ukraine need clean drinking water.  Your support ($2500 is needed) will dig a new well, provide plumbing, and help renovate a bible study room for the teenagers at the shelter.


Christmas funds are collected and distributed among these projects as needed. Thank you again for your faithfulness and love for the poor in Ukraine and Kosovo!