Sponsor Hearts of Love

The Hearts of Love Center was founded by Lena Yuschenko in 2005 to offer ministry to children with s... Continue

Ruslana’s Story

Some of the families in our Ukraine program are in desperate need.  It seems life’s circumstances... Continue

Retired Firefighter Visits Sponsored Family

Oleksiy and Lesya Blaschinskyi, who live in a small two-room apartment in Kyiv with their three chil... Continue

Sponsorship Keeps Children in Families

Family Sponsorship is how we connect sponsors to families receiving support in Ukraine. Our first go... Continue

The Zagrotskys: A Refuge For Children

   Natalya and Ruslan Zagrotsky are an amazing family.  Enjoy the slide show to learn about... Continue

Why Is Family Important?

Numerous studies reveal that the break-up of the traditional family leads to increased poverty level... Continue