Armenia Fights For It’s Life and Karabakh

The region of Karabakh has been an ethnically Armenian area for thousands of years.  More recently, when Armenia was invaded by the Soviet Red Army in 1922 it became a member state of the Soviet Union.  Karabakh however, an independent region, remained an autonomous zone.  The land borders, however, were moved by Josef Stalin in 1924 so that Karabakh became an autonomous region inside Azerbaijan.  Armenians are Christian people. Armenia adopted Christianity in the early 300s.  Azerbaijan, an ally of Turkey and ethnically Turkish, is Muslim.  Tiny Christian Armenia is surrounded by Muslim enemy nations.

A refugee family receives their grocery parcel.

A treaty signed Nov. 9 between Armenia and Azerbaijan ended six weeks of warfare over the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The treaty places Russian “peacekeeping forces” in the region, and it requires Armenia to return the lands it took in the 1991-94 war for independence with Azerbaijan. Because of the Soviet political move by Stalin to place Karabakh inside Azerbaijan, today Karabakh is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan. The Armenians do not accept this and never will. Three failed cease-fires in as many weeks make the future of the new armistice uncertain.

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  1. Provide food parcels for refugees who escaped the destruction of their homes in Karabakh
  2. They escaped with the clothes on their back.

    Help us establish a dairy farm to provide milk and jobs for needy families in Armenia


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