New Dairy Farm For Armenia

The conflict is over

The historically Christian country of Armenia is surrounded by Muslim nations.  Their small army made up of both regular soldiers and volunteers is their only defense.  The recent battle with their neighbor Azerbaijan, who was armed and supported by much larger Turkey, resulted in many thousands of refugees leaving their homes in Karabakh and coming to Armenia.  The economic situation is now worse and many Armenians desire to leave the country and find work elsewhere. This is both a defeat for Armenia and another blow to its weak economy.

A dairy farm coming to life

As the country reels from the influx of refugees and wounded soldiers, Mercy Projects is addressing a long-term need.  We are starting a dairy farm in the Lori region to provide local jobs, milk, and a future Christian school for needy children.  This beautiful region with its rich farmland is the perfect location for a new and sustainable approach to dairy farming.  Over 40 dairy cows will be purchased in the coming months and funds are needed for this endeavor.

“We are excited about this project because it provides sustainable and immediate jobs,” said Jeff Thompson, the director of Mercy Projects.  “We also plan to develop a small biogas facility to provide heating and reduce costs. This piece of land is also perfect for a future small school for needy children in this region,” he said.

Cows are $1500 each

Once the purchase of the farm is complete, we will begin the process to buy dairy cows. We ask for your prayers and please check back with us for ongoing updates.

“The farm will not only provide jobs,” Jeff said. “But the profit will support our summer camps for at-risk Armenian youth as well.”