2019 Ministry Overview & Finances

Families are thankful for your sponsorship

2019 Statement of Program Accomplishments

Mercy Projects is a Christian 501c3 organization with a “Christ-centered, family-focused” vision of assisting vulnerable children, the poor, and the widow. We assist vulnerable children and families primarily in Ukraine with other ministry programs in Kosovo, Armenia, and Russia.  Our ministry in Russia consists of financial support for national Russian missionaries in various regions of Russia to share the gospel in prisons, orphanages, and develop rehabilitation programs around the country.  

Our approach is to strengthen families by providing ministry services for their specific needs. These services provide support in four areas:

Financial – Financial support is provided to families in the Sponsorship Program

Education – We provide Education Centers in Ivankiv (Chernobyl Zone) and in Konotop (For Special Needs children).

Medical – We provide an annual package of medical supplies necessary for all families. We contract with regional pharmacies across Ukraine to provide these supplies.

Spiritual & Emotional – We provide a Christian Childcare Coordinator to monitor each family in their caseload and to provide a support system for single mothers. Letter writing with their sponsors is included as well. We desire for each child and family to hear the gospel and to see it lived out. At-risk children attend Christian camps where our staff minister to them.

The 2019 Ministry Overview Report is available here in PDF format

International Ministry Locations

Kosovo               17 Needy Families Supported with Monthly Groceries or Medical
Armenia              Christian Camp programs for 45 needy children
Ukraine               850 Vulnerable Children from 283 Families  / 32 Students receive scholarships
Russia                Support for 5 National Pastors / Chaplains
USA                    Safe Families for Children / Olive Crest Agency

We work with SFFC as a regional Hub organization to recruit “host families” for vulnerable children.

2019 International Ministry Accomplishments


Custom Ministry Approach

We look for customized solutions for single mothers and large families. Some need groceries, others need education assistance, other medical help, etc.  We also financially support Christian Foster Families in Ukraine. This helps keep children out of an orphanage and in a family. Our summer and winter camp ministry focuses on discipleship, strengthening young people in their Christian lives.



271 Families Receiving Sponsorship Support
12   Foster Families Receiving Sponsorship Support
32   Christian Students Receive Scholarships
4     Ministry Workers (Missionaries & Chaplains) Supported Monthly
5     Office staff in Kyiv
16   Case Workers (Childcare Coordinators)
1     Education Center in Ivankiv
1     Education Center in Konotop for Special Needs Children


Change from Child to Family Sponsorships

In 2019 we began counting “Family Sponsorships” as our primary measurement of ministry impact.  The various types of families receiving help include single-parent families; grandparents raising children; Extended family members raising children; Parents who adopt children; and Foster Parents who receive official government support and private foster parents who do not receive government support.

850 Minor Children As Family Members Benefit From Family Sponsorships

Summer camps benefit families like these where they can send their children.

Christian Camps: We financially supported or our staff conducted 9 different one and two-week camps for 450 vulnerable children, including orphans and children from our sponsorship program. The benefits to children include a fun and loving environment where kids hear the gospel and are challenged to respond. Camps are staffed with our trained counselors who place an emphasis on the spiritual development of the children. Camp themes include character, integrity, courage, and honesty using biblical references and personal testimonies.

Other sponsorship benefits: Included is Medical Assistance, Birthday Presents; Christmas Presents; Letter Exchange with sponsors; English classes, Computer Training, and support services from our local childcare coordinator. (caseworker)

32 Student Scholarships

In Ukraine, an extension of developing strong Christian disciples is our Student Scholarship program. This special program is for young people showing Christian character, good grades, and who agree to be mentored by our Student program director.  They are eligible for a Student Scholarship of $250-$500 per semester depending on their level of higher education.

KOSOVO – 17 Families in the Kosovo Family Sponsorship Program

Families in Kosovo are primarily widows or those with special needs such as mental illness, blindness, or emotional trauma. The Kosovo program is designed to provide basic food necessities for these very poor children and their families. Families are able to redeem grocery vouchers each month for 50 Euros ($65) at a local grocery store partner.  (No alcohol or tobacco).

Ministry in Kosovo is done through our local partner pastor Urim, who is also planting a local church in this Muslim community.  Children and families are encouraged to take part in church related activities including English and Bible classes.

New Home Construction and Renovation For Widows

In 2019 Mercy Projects built / or completely renovated two homes for needy families.  These homes now provide warmth in winter and a stable location for many years to come for these families.  Mercy Projects missionaries and the local church regularly conduct bible studies and home visits with these predominantly and culturally Muslim families.


One summer camp was held for needy Armenian young people in the Republic of Georgia on the Black Sea.

RUSSIA – 5 Pastors (Chaplains)

The national pastors (chaplains) reside in different areas of Russia. These men also work part-time to support their families and ministries. They are part of local Russian churches and use their financial sponsorship to pay for expenses to travel and share Christ’s love in adult prisons, in youth prisons, and with at-risk youth in orphanages. They mobilize local churches in those regions to assist orphans and ex-prisoners. They work with churches throughout Siberia, the Urals, and the Caucuses to start Rehabilitation Homes and discipleship ministries for released prisoners.

Financial Stewardship

At Mercy Projects, we take financial stewardship seriously. This is a very important topic for us as it probably is for you. Jeff and Paula Thompson started Mercy Projects (formerly EEO) in 1980, the year they got married. The first donors were friends and family who attended their wedding. They have always felt a keen sense of responsibility for the donated funds given to the ministry.

Financial stewardship is important because we are ultimately serving God, using His money supplied by our donors.  Saving money and keeping expenses low means more resources for the poor.  Thank you for placing your trust in Mercy Projects.

We are partners in God’s Kingdom and MP is an extension of your heart and trust. We joined the ECFA to be financially accountable and we adhere to their 7 Standards of Fund Raising. The ECFA is a great organization dedicated to honesty and integrity. 

Making disciples of Christ is our priority and with your help, thousands of young lives are being transformed in Eastern Europe. Thank you for standing with us. 

Available here: 2019 Financial Statement (Compiled)  and the 2018 IRS 990 Report (2019 – 990 Form available in July 2020)